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Red Rhino News
9/27/2020 New PlanSwift Connector Download
If you are a PlanSwift user, you will need to download a new version of the Red Rhino connector from the Red Rhino home page.

The download link is in the "User Guides" section (on the right-hand side of the page), in the "PlanSwift" box - click the "Download RR Connector v2.0" link.

When downloading or installing, you may receive warnings from Windows or your browser that the download is potentially unsafe; we are working to get those messages removed. In the meantime, know that it's okay to click through the messages for this particular file.

Not a Red Rhino User?
Red Rhino is Electrical Estimating Software created for the electrical and structured cabling industries.

  • Fast - Reduce estimating time using powerful tools
  • Simple - Use Wizards to easily add material
  • Accurate - See exact project cost on the estimate summary
  • Professional - Impress your customers with award winning bid proposals
  • Support for both Residential and Commercial projects

  • Transfer estimate materials to a purchase order with one click
  • Email purchase orders directly to suppliers easily
  • Request supplier quotes with a single mouse click

  • Create a billing invoice from any location instantly
  • Bill customers for time and material or by contract
  • Invoice customers by email to receive payment faster

Project Management
  • Track job progress and create change orders fast
  • Document all job phases for good customer communication and dispute resolution
  • Simplify project paperwork and administration

If you are not already a user, you can contact us at (714) 809-4446 to sign-up; or simply click here to visit our corporate website where you can review our products or request a free 30 day trial of Red Rhino.

Red Rhino® Estimating Software developed by Hard Hat Industry Solutions, Inc.
for the Electrical Construction and Structured Cabling Industries
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