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Red Rhino News
9/28/2010 Red Rhino2 Alpha
Welcome to the new Red Rhino

12/7/2011 Updates
Corrects a problem with synchronizing an estimate if a section has multiple entries for 'Additional Labor' each with different labor rates.
Also corrects a problem with the estimate summary if a section's overhead and profit percent has been overridden in the recap and the estimate has 'Additional Material' and 'Additional Labor'

12/10/2011 Updates
Corrects a problem with product search when the estimate is priced by selected vendor.
Throws an error when you attempt to save an estimate priced by selected vendor but no vendor was selected.

12/21/2011 Updates
The setting of the 'rounded' flag is now honored when previewing or emailing a contract invoice
The wizards no longer throw an error when creating a Job Assembly for an estimate priced by 'Selected Vendor Discount'.
Corrected starter wizard calculation for number of fuses when quantity of starters is more than 1.

12/22/2011 Updates
Improved error messages for User errors during editing the estimate extras items.
All fields are now mandatory when completing the labor group rates.
New layout for header banner recovers wasted space. This was a customer suggestion - thank you.

1/9/2012 Updates
Corrects a problem that prevented you from using the conduit wizard when creating an assembly.
No longer throws an exception when creating a job for an estimate with no sections.
Improved error message when trying to save a new job assembly with a non-unique name.
Updated context-sensitive help.

2/8/2012 Proposal item View Order
The new interface for setting the view order of proposal items has now been enabled

2/12/2012 Updates
Corrects a problem with the 'rounded' option when the recap is accessed for the first time
Updated the list of supported browsers and added link to download a browser
Clarified wording on conduit wizard
Implements admin option to refresh discounts for the generic vendor

2/15/2012 Updates
Corrects a problem that prevented UPA's or Job Assemblies from extending to the takeoff if the name contained a single or a double quote
Corrects a problem with saving a proposal if the company contact email is more than 50 characters

3/4/2012 Updates
Labor calculations now include apprentice cost
Resolves issues with 'Save' of contract invoice

3/11/2012 Updates
Added a 'Fire Alarm' take-off form (this can be accessed from the Home page, Material Take-off Forms)
New users(created by company admin) now have take-off defaults defined correctly

5/1/2012 Updates
You may now preview or email the recap. If you have many sections in the recap it may not be possible to scale down to one page. In this case you should choose to send the email as inline html (not a pdf attachment).
When the product catalog has been updated, you may now refresh the competitive material prices from the popup after you log in. Ensure that your preference is set to display the popup whenever the product catalog is updated.
Uppercase characters are now allowed in email addresses.

5/20/2012 Updates
You can now optionally include the recap header when previewing or emailing a recap. To include it simply check the 'Include Header on Preview' checkbox at the top of the header.

5/21/2012 Updates
Red Rhino no longer throws an exception when deleting a Proposal that is linked to a Job. The proposal will be correctly deleted and the job link will be removed.
Any existing jobs that have invalid proposal links (because their proposal was previously deleted) will be handled correctly when you link them to a new proposal. When re-linking to a new proposal (for the first time) you will see an error message (one time) which will describe that the original proposal has been deleted and you should simply retry the operation.

5/24/2012 Updates
Red Rhino no longer throws an exception when copying an estimate and one of the job assemblies names contains an apostrophe
When using job departments Red Rhino no longer throws an exception if it finds an empty field while looking for a notification email address
Modifying a job assembly now checks for a duplicate name and replaces the techno-speak error message with an understandable message

7/30/2012 Updates
All 'TextArea' controls now show the max characters that they may contain.
Validation is now performed on all 'Phone Number' fields to ensure that the provided number conforms to North American standards.
Changes have been implemented to ensure that the 'NetPricer' report includes all submitted products when they exist in multiple categories.

8/27/2012 Updates
The 'Customer PO Number' now displays in the document header for printed and emailed invoices
An 'Edit' button has been added to the proposal for quick access to the Qualifications/Inclusions/Exclusions
The 'Generic Vendor' phone number is now set to a valid number when the account is created
The 'Created By' field is now correctly set when the sample proposal is created
Additional functionality has been added to give better control of how line amounts are displayed on the printed/emailed proposal

8/28/2012 Updates
This release corrects a problem which was preventing execution of the 'Next Step' when creating a Quick Estimate/Proposal

2/5/2013 Catalog Update
The product catalog has been updated

2/11/2013 Updates
Navigation hints and videos have been added to assist new users when first using Red Rhino. You can enable/disable this feature by:
From the 'Home' page in the 'User Profile/Preferences' panel, click 'Tooltips'. Click 'Edit' then select either the 'Show Navigation Hints' or 'Hide Navigation Hints' radio button. Click 'Save' to save your selection.
Note that with some browsers you may have to specifically allow each video if you get a message like 'Only secure content is displayed'.

5/16/2013 Updates
When you create a proposal from an estimate for a new customer, the proposal will now be correctly synchronized.

12/9/2013 Page Layout
The layout of the login page has been changed to give better visibility to the 'News' when using a small monitor

12/17/2013 RCO Preview
A problem has been corrected that sometimes allowed extraneous information to be displayed when an RCO was previewed for printing, or emailed

2/9/2014 Print Multiple
Documents are now displayed in the correct order when you have more than 9 sections in an estimate and you choose to define the sort order.

2/24/2014 Quick Invoice
You may now list Quick Invoices from the Billing pane of the Home page

4/25/2014 Invoice Rounding
When working with contract invoices the 'Amount Previously Applied' value will now follow the selected rounding option.
Also, rounding will be correctly applied to 'release' letters.

8/24/2014 Hiding Takeoff Columns
You may now show/hide the 'UPC', 'Manufacturer' and 'Catalog Number' columns in the takeoff grid for 'Estimates', 'POs', 'Estimate Assemblies' and 'T & M Invoices'.
To change column visibility go to 'Home - User Profile/Preferences - Takeoff - Takeoff Columns'. Select 'Edit' and check or uncheck the items that you want to change. Click Save.

9/1/2014 Invoice Navigation
We have improved the navigation between a contract job's invoices.
A pager control is now available in the top right corner of a contract invoice which allows you to quickly identify and move between all invoices for the job.

10/1/2014 Live Chat
We found the best way to help and support you!
Now you can get FAST answers to your questions using Live Chat.

At the top of your screen just click - 'Chat Now'
When the window opens, type in your questions and click 'Send'.
A LIVE person will respond and answer your questions.

NOTE: Live chat is only available on a limited basis.
A LIVE person is only available when you see 'Chat Now' on your screen.
Usually between the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific time.

11/8/2015 Re-ordering estimate sections
You may now choose the order in which estimate sections are displayed

From the estimate page simply click the 'View Order' button then drag the sections to their new locations. Save is automatic so when you have finished just click the 'Back to Estimate' button to return to the estimate page.

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